Friday, May 2, 2008


I shot another color yesterday! My rainbow is slowly but surely gaining spectrum. :) Rachel was red and her prop (symbolizing her years of dancing) was an old pointe shoe. Rachel shows up in my portfolio a lot because she is always fun to shoot with. I met her years ago at my FIRST EVER fashion photo shoot. It doesn't feel like that long ago but my cut out from the newspaper is already yellowing so it must have been some time now.

After we finished with the shoe we had a little impromptu shoot! (the lights were already out right? why not!) Somewhere between our days hanging with Poetic Rage and today, Rachel had to have heart surgery. Her heart problems held her back from physical activity for a long time, but she's made it through; strong women always do! :) Now that it's all over she's embracing her reality, and her scar, by being thankful for her life. We commemorated this with a few photos showcasing the scar.


Anonymous said...

uhm...isnt the heart on the left side of the body? why is the scar on her right side?
Just wondering....bu the pics are very nice!

Clint said...

Amazing photos. I saw the flickr photo stream and had to find out a little more behind this shoot if possible.

To see someone so young and vital with such a serious scar is a rare shock. People almost never share this sort of thing outside of family.

Thank you for the openness of your blog. All the best with your career.