Monday, November 15, 2010


Since the first time I visited the WPJA website, years and years ago, I quickly understood what it was: a career goal. If I was going to dedicate myself to being a wedding photographer, this is where I needed to be.

"The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an International, membership-based organization, represents professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. The WPJA was founded to uphold excellence in the area of wedding photojournalism."

I would peruse the site every wedding season, checking out the latest award-winning photographs from the site's quarterly competitions. I would get inspired. I would find the most talented wedding photographers in the country and enjoy their websites all night long.

And finally, after 5 years of developing my craft, I applied, despite the strict membership guidelines. And... I GOT ACCEPTED!
I am now a member of both the WPJA, and the Artistic Guild as well!
(This is the equivalent of being promoted when you're self-employed.)

I couldn't be more excited to enter my own photos in to the contests and continue to further my craft in this field. I love this job and the challenges of this industry. To check out loads of ridiculously amazing wedding photographers from around the world, please visit: WPJA and AG|WPJA

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metallic Paper

There are a few question I'm asked time and time again, so this has encouraged me to create a new F.A.Q. page on my website. Here is one of my favorites to talk about:

What is the metallic paper you offer for the albums?

One of the newest papers on the market, Kodak's 'metallic paper' is absolutely gorgeous to print on. It boasts beautiful vibrant colors, crisp contrast, and a really interesting... sort of etherial metallic quality. Certain prints in certain light are more obvious then others that it's any different from classic glossy, but it's over-all beautiful quality sets it apart when compared side by side. We previously offered this as an upgrade options for our albums, as it is more expensive to print with. However, we now provide all So Many Moment's clients with nothing but the best, so it now comes standard on anything we print for you.

Read more about the nitty gritty specs, straight from the horse's mouth here: Kodak

For more of my F.A.Q. Q&A's visit!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have finally posted ALBUMS! You will now find a gallery in my website's portfolio dedicated entirely to showcasing individual weddings and So Many Moment's wedding albums. I think it's important to see a photographer's work from single weddings, rather then just a showcase of favorite photographs from a large body of work. The albums also feature Matt's photographs, so it's great to finally represent him on my website as well.

Our leather flush-mounted albums feature thick, stiff pages and every spread opens flat. I do not use pre-made templates, but instead create each layout as a custom art piece to tell the visual story of the wedding celebration.

Creating each one, from the planning stages, to taking the photographs, and then bringing them to life in a cohesive visual story is such a fantastic journey. It's an honor to create a unique and special keepsake. That sounds terribly cheesy, but I just get so wildly attached to each one of my weddings! My brides and grooms flippin' ROCK. *high fives* to you all!