Monday, March 31, 2008

Ashley & Brad

Photography is really neat because it's always changing. It's not the type of thing you can simply "know how to do"; there isn't any kind of finish line. When I look back on my photos I can see my progression and know that I will continue to learn and grow. Matt has been wonderful to work with because we've been able to help each other so much.

Matt has become comfortable enough with his camera to really start experimenting and lately it's REALLY paid off. The last two weddings in particular, he's blown me away. We shot a Saturday morning wedding out in Orange City over the weekend for couple Ashley & Brad and his shots are KILLER!

Ashley & Brad are such a friendly couple. She was all smiles, not a bridezilla bone in her! The best was their exit. The groom Brad drives a big pick up with exhaust stacks. I guess some of the groomsmen poured baby powder into his exhaust so when he started the truck up to leave *WHOOSH*, huge clouds of baby powder spilled into the air!

Here are a couple of my shots, I even used my new fish eye a little. I'll post some more conventional shots too. I wish I could post some of Matt's. Maybe it's time I start a Smatt Photography blog! We recently updated our website, so if anyone you know it getting hitched send 'em over to! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008


I got a NEW lens in a parking lot late last night! Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 fish eye! I found a guy on craigslist who just bought this new a few months ago, used it a handful of times and didn't like it. Fine by me, I LOVE IT! I got a great deal got to use it today shooting a talented band called 'Attila and the Huns'. These guys rock. They play a gazillion instruments, including lots of horns, so it was the perfect shoot to test the new used fish. I had a blast running up and down this hill with them all afternoon. Wish we'd shot later in the day, the sun was awful but I made do!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jordana & Jaret

Another engagement shoot around classic Orlando landmark Lake Eola last weekend! Jordana and Jaret are so much fun! They held hands, they smiled, they kissed, they did ALL the things a couple in love should do at an engagement shoot! (Even a little dancing!)
I've found I approach engagement sessions much the same way I approach weddings: photojournalistically... is that a word? Probably not. What I mean is, I want to capture a couple's love with a photograph, not create it artificially. And there was nothing artificial about this pair! They were great :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matt & Mandy

Our friend's Matt & Mandy are renting a photo booth to have at their wedding reception, so what a CUTE idea to have the save-the-date magnets look like a photo booth strip of photos?!? We shot against a wall that's painted a color similar to that of their fall wedding colors. Taking goofy pictures is fun; being able to USE them is even better!
I think this concept is extremely adorable!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jennifer & Kyle

Jennifer and I had a "bridal photo shoot" last week. I think this is a great idea because it gives me a chance to photograph a bride without any huge time constraints or the stress and pressure of the real wedding day. It's also great for bride to get a chance to have sort of a "dry run" on their hair and make-up as well as just get a real feel for the dress. Maybe even break in the shoes a little! Jennifer is beautiful and always smiling; she was so easy to shoot. And I loved her big white dress, it makes my bridal photos look SUPER bridal! :)

The wedding was Saturday and went really well! Matt has begun to experiment more comfortably with off camera flash and the results have been fantastic. We want to invest in more SB-600s soon!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cindy & Ben

This couple is so super sweet. Just the type of people that you trust immediately. We had their engagement session in Winter Park where they used to live together. It's nice to shoot with a couple before their wedding, just to get to know them a bit better and get a sense for how they photograph. This is my favorite shot from when a train came through.

Ryan & Laura

In a courtroom at the the History Center downtown Ryan and Laura were married Saturday. I had met Ryan while tending a british bar that he plays music in off I-drive. It was nice to take photos for a couple that Matt and I were familiar with and we were super excited for the unique location. We felt confident that day but the world has a funny way of keeping you in check.

I pulled up a big, heavy, metal chair to get a high shot of the bridesmaids and the mom putting on Laura's veil. I hopped down and was putting the chair back when I managed to whack it against my shin. Wow, that hurt. I had to sit down in the chair to recover for a moment but played it cool, I don't think anyone noticed my slip. Matt's however was a little more public. While taking photos in a stairwell his camera bag swung into a door that was set to alarm if opened. *oops*

Life is filled with little reminders of how human we are; sometimes those reminders are sharply painful or alarmingly load. All in all, it was a great wedding and we became better photographers for it. I feel ready for the next one! :)