Sunday, December 27, 2009


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While I was in Florida this month, I had the opportunity to photograph soon-to-be mama Tara. Our schedules left us to shoot on a day with a forecast thick with torrential thunderstorms through the afternoon, so we opted to get an earlier start. Despite our best scheduling efforts we couldn't beat the rain clouds, but gladly accepted the small breaks in the weather to take her maternity photos.

On the plus side, it kept the beaches clear of tourists and families, leaving us with plenty of welcomed privacy. And Tara was lovely to photograph, while the clouds permitted it. ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


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Between my neighbors changing over their laundry and locking up their bicycles, Giovanna quickly stripped down in my basement for this sexy little photo shoot! The location proved to have more foot traffic then I'd anticipated, but I like the way it photographed (& it kept us on our toes!)

Giovanna has a variety of tattoos, but the flowers down her left side are what inspired this series of non-revealing nude portraits (is that an oxymoron?) ;) When she asked me to take her portrait as a surprise Christmas gift for the guy she's seeing, I already had this shot planned out.

Now that the holidays have passed, she's given me the go-ahead to post away! (He loved the gift by the way! YAY!)
Keep this in mind ladies! Valentine's Day is drawing near... ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Erin & Daniel.

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MY WINNERS!!! Erin won the free engagement shoot from the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal show!
We set out yesterday, in the bitter cold, to take a few shots with her groom-to-be Daniel and one giant balloon. This couple was a blast to photograph, even in the windy frigid conditions. They just played and interacted with each other so well; and the balloon helped keep them busy too of course!

And how cute is THIS: they had done their homework by watching the Friends episode where Monica and Chandler try to take an engagement photo! What a well prepared couple! :)

The Ripka Fam!

Family portrait
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Let me start by saying Lily has one super cool mom! Shannon has come up with such creative ideas for our two shoots together. It's really lovely to collaborate, as it assures me I'm taking the types of photos the family really wants to have. It's also incredible to see how much Lily has changed since our last shoot, in just a few short months! (I suppose this is the way with babies!)