Friday, April 29, 2011

A Wedding Wedsite, err.... WEBsite

It's 2011 folks. We communicate via text and keep in touch via Facebook. So, of course, we share our wedding details via website. (And then blog about it!)

When it came time to chose a place to build and host my website, I found a plethora of options. But many of the free sites just didn't have the features or design quality I was seeking. So, after much research & a few trial runs, I finally settled comfortably into my new Wedsite account.

While I'm usually all game for FREE options, the website is the really the first impression of the celebration I'm planning and it's worth a little extra to make it perfect. Also, I'm using the RSVP feature to keep count of all of my guests & their contact information & this alone saved me $$$ in RSVP cards/more postage/more paper waste.

Beyond that I love these other features:

- Custom Domain. We set our up with a custom domain, as Smatt has been our nickname since we fell for one another during the Brangelina era. (Sam + Matt = Smatt)

- Ability to add LOTS and LOTS of photos. I put up a folder of photos for each of our bridal party & families!

- Ability to add video. This was fun, especially on the page we share information with travelers.

- Extremely customizable and attractive templates.

- All the classic must-have features: poll, countdown, and guest book.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say YES to the DRESS(es)!

3 Events = 3 Great Excuses to Buy Adorable Dresses

Bachelorette Party:

I scored this hot number on sale at Express. Add on the bonus discount thanks to a girlfriend's extra coupon & it was a killer deal. It's a lightweight chiffon rouched color-block dress; sexy enough for an evening out with the girls, but still wearable for other future cocktail functions if I'm feeling particularly bold.

Rehearsal Dinner:

I went the 'ol "fall in love with a high-end dress and then buy a knock-off from China" route here. *fingers crossed* it shows up and works out! After a lot of Wedding Bee Forum research, I decided to take the risk. Apparently, with the lack of reproduction copyright laws in China, it's legal for them to make the exact same dress as someone else. So, when I fell in love with this fabulous Melissa Sweet designer garb, I found VogueBride on eBay. She offered the best price, the fastest turn around, and has near-perfect reviews. I also like the protection of eBay and Paypal as opposed to ordering directly via a random website. Not only is it being made in my size, but also in whatever color I want so I opted for a blue/teal color rather then the purple shown here.


After many trips to many bridal shops, meeting with a dress designer, and hours of browsing the interwebs I found a dress online that made my heart flutter. It's wildly perfect: super fresh, fun to wear, and playful! But, I don't want Matt to see it until the big d.a.y. so some things will have to remain behind the veil 'till August...