Friday, February 29, 2008

day of dentistry

I had TWO photo shoots today for TWO different magazines of TWO different dentists! How I got so involved in the dental community is beyond me, maybe it was meant to be! Regardless, today was a lot of fun. It feels good to work a long day. :)

Up first, Dr.Rebecca Pitts (and her incredibly beautiful cat!)

And then, Dr.Lach:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shawn & Leo

My friend Shawn "the jeweler" has Mondays off. Since I also have such a funny schedule we decided it would be nice to go out to lunch and take his dog Leo to the park. For someone who doesn't have a dog, I think it's funny that I've been to this park 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Here are a few snap shots of Leopold. :)


Ciera is a new model who wanted to get comp card photos done all in ONE DAY! We had to create 4 different looks so, luckily she brought a lot of clothes! She was also early, and after the wedding out of town the night before I wasn't exactly ready when she rang the door bell, but I pulled through. The shoot was a blast. Some people are just really easy to work with; Ciera was one of those people. She took direction well and had an understanding of modeling even though she's just starting out. It was a great shoot.

Kristi & Matt

Matt and I shot a beautiful wedding in New Smyrna this weekend. Kristi & Matt's ceremony and reception took place at a charming B&B on the water. Awful weather that morning turned right around for a beautiful late afternoon and evening. This couple was so easy going and a lot of fun to photograph.

Matt's shots are truly fantastic too. Maybe we should start a Smatt blog! :)


Amanda and I usually run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's usually the same trail, the same time, the same distance. But Thursday the 22nd wasn't at all usual. While we're stretching at our usual spot I spot something unusual; a baby squirrel walking towards us. We stop and watch the adorable critter come closer and closer until a bike whizzes by and comes to a stop. The guy on the bike notices the little fellow and so now it's the three of us. Standing, watching, and it comes closer.

The little critter climbs up on to the bicyclist's shoe, curls into a ball of cuteness, and falls asleep. Never before in my life have a seen a wild creature walk up to a human, curl up, and pass out. We knew for the little guy to go against his instinct something was wrong.

And to make things more unbelievable my boyfriend's aunt just happens to be the "squirrel lady" of Sarasota. Knowing just who to call, the friendly bicyclist lets me use his phone to find out more. She said that the little guy's mama squirrel had likely been killed and this baby was a loner in desperate need of help. Operation Squirrel Rescue went into full swing. After bicycle guy's wife gave a no-go to adopting wildlife Amanda and I were off to Publix for supplies. We named him "Piggy" after a noise he made. Sadly, Piggy didn't make it through the weekend. Maybe we were just too late but at least we know rather then starving in the park being eaten by bugs he passed warm with food in his belly. Rest in peace Pigster! xoxox


Aspiring model Laura in south Palm Beach


I want to start a strictly photography blog, so HERE IT IS! :)

An old roommate came to visit this weekend and being that we went to art school together down in Ft.Lauderdale, we got creative! Naomi has always enjoyed eastern flare so I rolled with that theme. After a trip to the dog park we swung by a flea market for some umbrellas. Next step: Mission Make up! I love the creative control I have when styling/photographing friends!