Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tattoo shop

I've finally started working a bit up here in Portland! It'll take some adjusting to taking a bus rather then the comfort of my car and the familiar scenery that is FL.

Anyway, a hip, new, urban magazine called HouseInk set me up on the shoot with a tattoo shop for an editorial bit. The shop is all custom, no flash art on the walls! It reminded me of Mason's shop in Orlando. The artists really have to ROCK to pull this off, and these guys at ColorBomb (or whatever they're changing the name to) are great. The paintings on the walls are a solid first indication. As for shooting them, I didn't have to do much but let them just hang outside the shop with their cigarettes and puppy!

Here's their guard dog. :)

It might be a bit of a slow start up here but even moving across the country hasn't slowed me down in the sunshine state. I'm nearly booked solid through the holiday season! WOO HOO! Looking forward to shooting you Florida! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amanda. Again. :)

I haven't posted new photos in a couple weeks for a couple reasons.

1.) I've moved across the country to Portland, OR for the summer! It's wonderful here and I've been blogging about it quite a bit in my personal blog (

2.) On a less fabulous note, my camera broke. Yes, broke. Out of nowhere. I suppose the timing was alright, seeing as so much else has been going on.

But, NOW I have my camera BACK and it's FIXED so I've FINALLY started shooting again. Our floridian friend Amanda came to visit and I snapped a few photos of her in the park across the street today. It's been great to have company here (and to have my camera back in order!)