Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jax Models

I drove to Jacksonville Beach last night to shoot some models in a penthouse. Being one of seven photographers was a change of pace. It was interesting to meet some other artists, to see how they worked and what type of equipment they use. I'm also looking forward to seeing their images as they worked with the same girls in the same location and yet I expect we will have all come up with something totally different.

My goal was for my photos was to look like they belonged in a men's magazine, like Maxim or FHM. I prefer those magazines to Cosmo or Vogue anyway. Still mindless drivel, but much funnier and less adverts. Anyway, over the course of the night I shot a variety of girls. Some had experience, but most hadn't been to a photo shoot before. This made for a lot of work, but like any challenge it was a learning experience. The more practice behind the camera the better!

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