Thursday, May 15, 2008

Melissa & Brad

Canadians rule!

Melissa & Brad were our 2nd international couple to book us for their Floridian "destination weddings". I think it takes a certain type of bride to rock the out-of-town to-do's because the reality is they can't have as much control over all the details if they can't be there to plan it all. Melissa and I had talked only through e-mails and snail mails before she landed in the sunshine state but, I knew she was going to be a pleasure to work for.

It's always a treat to work for genuinely laid back, fun people. And now that Matt has heard about glaciers off the coast of Newfoundland we have another item added to the list of "things to shoot". Smatt has some serious traveling to do!

So, I'm obviously going through an editing phase where I'm REALLY digging these high contrast, almost cartoonish photo alterations. My big inspirations at the moment are David hill ( and Jill Greenberg (

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Ken said...

Nice job. Having laid back people to work with makes the world of difference.