Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tara & Keith

Matt and I get to the Dr.Phillips house on Lake Lucerne, my new favorite location by the way (so CHARMING!), and we split up like usual. I go up to the attic to shoot the girls and I can hardly make it up the stairs. I'd pulled out my neck the night before, and luck would have it that it's not only a wedding day but it's getting worse with every step. It was like a charlie horse in my neck, some of the most excruciating pain of my life. I felt so awful for this couple to get a bum photographer, but I pulled it together as best I could and shot my way through. It's 3 days later and my neck is still sore, but I can move it around better now.

Anyway, more about the wedding! So, after the ceremony Matt and I shoot together again. After our group shots, he points out a guy we'd sat to eat with during a wedding back in November. So not only do the two couples have mutual friends, these friends came down from Alabama for the wedding, they don't even live here! It's a small world. And wait, it gets better. The couple from Alabama had also been married at the Dr.Phillips house 4 years prior, and it was during THEIR wedding that OUR wedding couple had met. How romantic to get married the place you met?

So, beyond my pain I took some awesome photos! It feels like Matt and I get better with every wedding. We're getting more and more excited, determined, and confident. Over the past few days, we started experimenting with some new editing techniques and I thought it would be fun to alter some of my new wedding photos in this style. So, here they are! Enjoy :)

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