Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Portraits with parents
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Lawson's mama had really prepared for his shoot which made it such a breeze! She had coordinating outfits picked out and loads of ideas. It's awesome to really collaborate with my clients closely, as it ensures I'm shooting what it is they're looking for.

I love how this set has such variety; from Lawson playing in his room with his favorite toys, reading a book with mom, the dog licking his face, hanging with the parents out by the pool, and then the beach. My favorite shots are from right at the end of the shoot, when they gave him his cowboy hat. The weather turned for the best, and even though he was getting a little grumpy after a long session, I think there's something sweet about him crying in his hat and diaper on the beach. :) I really dig this set!


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Take a hot sunny day in North Miami, add a camera in my hands, sand between my toes, and mix with lots of giggling, sliding, and swinging and you've got my shoot with Daniel! I got to catch up with my old friend Elena, Daniel's mom, while chasing around after her energetic bundle of joy. He was so much fun to shoot, as he just kept GOING! What a little mover and shaker! I'm really excited to share these! :)