Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Originally uploaded by SYeakle

Rachelle wanted to update her modeling portfolio with horses and I was lucky enough to be hired for this really rad gig! I'd taken Holly's portrait with her horse back in Orlando, and absolutely loved what we came up with so I was totally stoked to work with such large animals again. What I didn't realize is HOW LARGE they get! I knew Holly's Phoenix was a smaller breed of horse but WOW they get MUCH, MUCH BIGGER! :)

Being from the east coast of Florida, I never spent a lot of time on farms, in barns, or around horses. So, this job was a real treat. It's amazing to be working in an entirely different environment on the west coast and I'm really digging the results. Also, I got to meet and work with a new super talented hair and make-up artist on this shoot! All in all, an exciting day. And of course, there are few more on my flickr

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is 6 month old Lily! She is the brilliant creation of my kickball team mate Kevin and his lovely wife Shannon. After a morning spent photographing Lily, I've had an awesome afternoon of editing. The composite above was inspired by one of Lily's fabulous tutus! (I'm also quite clearly still on this vintage vibe kick in my post-processing)

It was so interesting to photograph someone who doesn't have an opinion. She really didn't care what I was doing with the funny black machine I hold over my face like a mask when I take pictures. It was also really fantastic to set up lighting for such a TINY person. I really dig baby photography. I'd love to get more into this field. I recently heard of photographers being hired to capture the BIRTH of babies, which sounds SO amazing! To take someone's FIRST portraits. Wow. I need to get more pregnant women to! :) And for more Lily, I'm still using my flickr here:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


When our friend's father, uncle, and grandfather set out to build a cabin on a ranch in Idaho one summer, they were with the times. It was the 70's and they were embracing it. Today, the cabin still has incredible style, even if it's incredibly out-dated. Being in a small town with a population of about 400 on a piece of land where you can walk out the front door to fire at clay pigeons with a shot gun at will, was a time-warp all it's own. The decor only enhanced the experience.

Inspired at every turn, my friend Lesley became my willing subject for a few time-warped shots one night. I found a half-sewn pillow case in the basement, pinned it around her waist, and sat her in front of a barn collapsing in the backyard. She was happy to play along until dinner time. So, here are the results from a mini-shoot on my random fabulous vacation to the deepest corner of nowhere and back. :)