Friday, August 6, 2010

Have You Seen My Face?

First of all, thank you SO much to my friends who keep in touch with me via Facebook! I love that I can keep in contact with friends from around the world, especially past clients I've had the pleasure to work with! If we aren't connected yet, PLEASE join my page here:

And while we're on the topic... perhaps you have friends that are getting engaged? Or REALLY like their new puppy? Or perhaps you have a friend who is expecting a baby... or maybe they have always secretly wanted to have nude photographs taken? ;) I can take care of all that! It would be the absolute biggest compliment and my facebook dream come true if you could do one quick thing for me! Suggest my photography page to your friends!

1.) Visit

2.) Click the "Suggest To Friends" button right below the main photo

3.) Click your photo-friendly buddies (remember, I love to work ALL OVER the place, Florida, Oregon, and BEYOND!)

AND TA-DAA!!! You've magically made me the happiest photographer ever! Be sure to let me know if you do this for me so I can be forever indebted to your ridiculously awesome kindness. :)

Thanks friends!

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