Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Lovely Summery Things

I've come to expect and accept an ebb and flow of the universe, so while there is bad, there is always also good. Today, I'm focusing on the positive that the summer has brought me. Here are a few photos of small, delightful things I really like, all thanks to the summer of 2010!

1.) Seeing up Matt's nose when he takes my photograph with his Hassleblad

2.) Tie-dye colored peppers

3.) The random photographs in our building's lobby of the Rat Pack and the Godfather.

4.) Watching friends fall in love

5.) The streetcar stop RIGHT outside our new apartment with Matt's new store just behind it across the street

6.) Wine tastings in the Willamette Valley

7.) Shopping at the farmer's markets

8.) Big fancy dinners with friends for hours and hours of eating

9.) Winning lots of CA$H money at Boiler Room's pictionary night

10.) Drawing in dust

1 comment:

Kalle E Applegate said...

I love your lighting in all these! And that you guys are so great at pictionary :) Dollar billz and good friends.