Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metallic Paper

There are a few question I'm asked time and time again, so this has encouraged me to create a new F.A.Q. page on my website. Here is one of my favorites to talk about:

What is the metallic paper you offer for the albums?

One of the newest papers on the market, Kodak's 'metallic paper' is absolutely gorgeous to print on. It boasts beautiful vibrant colors, crisp contrast, and a really interesting... sort of etherial metallic quality. Certain prints in certain light are more obvious then others that it's any different from classic glossy, but it's over-all beautiful quality sets it apart when compared side by side. We previously offered this as an upgrade options for our albums, as it is more expensive to print with. However, we now provide all So Many Moment's clients with nothing but the best, so it now comes standard on anything we print for you.

Read more about the nitty gritty specs, straight from the horse's mouth here: Kodak

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