Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have finally posted ALBUMS! You will now find a gallery in my website's portfolio dedicated entirely to showcasing individual weddings and So Many Moment's wedding albums. I think it's important to see a photographer's work from single weddings, rather then just a showcase of favorite photographs from a large body of work. The albums also feature Matt's photographs, so it's great to finally represent him on my website as well.

Our leather flush-mounted albums feature thick, stiff pages and every spread opens flat. I do not use pre-made templates, but instead create each layout as a custom art piece to tell the visual story of the wedding celebration.

Creating each one, from the planning stages, to taking the photographs, and then bringing them to life in a cohesive visual story is such a fantastic journey. It's an honor to create a unique and special keepsake. That sounds terribly cheesy, but I just get so wildly attached to each one of my weddings! My brides and grooms flippin' ROCK. *high fives* to you all!

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