Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is 6 month old Lily! She is the brilliant creation of my kickball team mate Kevin and his lovely wife Shannon. After a morning spent photographing Lily, I've had an awesome afternoon of editing. The composite above was inspired by one of Lily's fabulous tutus! (I'm also quite clearly still on this vintage vibe kick in my post-processing)

It was so interesting to photograph someone who doesn't have an opinion. She really didn't care what I was doing with the funny black machine I hold over my face like a mask when I take pictures. It was also really fantastic to set up lighting for such a TINY person. I really dig baby photography. I'd love to get more into this field. I recently heard of photographers being hired to capture the BIRTH of babies, which sounds SO amazing! To take someone's FIRST portraits. Wow. I need to get more pregnant women to! :) And for more Lily, I'm still using my flickr here:

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