Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wheel Chart Wedding Invites!

The theme to our wedding is PLAYFUL, so I wanted to create an invite that was both heart-warming and fun, while still being affordable. My solution was a wheel chart. What's more FUN then a wheel chart?!

The top circle invites our guests to the wedding, while the bottom circle contains all of the information. There are two corresponding windows to show event details, that change as you spin the circle behind. I decorated the invite with a quick sketch of the treehouse we'll be staying in for the weekend at our wedding (complete with our names carved into the tree, as per a friend's brill suggestion!)

D.I.Y. Wheel Chart Invites

You will need:
Your invite graphics (two circles) printed to cardstock
Circle cutter (I used a compass style)
Cutting Board
Snaps & Setter
(optional: regular x-acto knife & scissors)

1.) Create the graphic of your invite on the computer as two circles the same size and be sure your windows match up to the information behind. I made both circles on the same layout as layers to be able to check this, but I'm sure many methods would work. TIP: be sure to make a small dot in the center of both circles, this will make placing the snap much easier!

2.) Print a mock-up on your home printer to be sure your design functions the way you'd like. This also prime time to have someone else go over all the text to be sure you haven't missed anything or made any typos.

3.) Have your invites printed. I choose HIP Printing to keep things local in NW Portland. 150 invites cost me $37.50 & the guys there are SUPER friendly! I also used the spare space on the 8.5x11" page to print up some cute little cards for other uses at the wedding with the same treehouse design & colors.

4.) Using your compass cutter & other tools, cut out the shapes and windows in your invites.

5.) Assemble the invite. I used the sharp end of my compass to make the center hole a bit bigger, and then pushed the tip of a pencil through until it was the desired size. Be sure to cut off some of the excess paper on the back. Then, place your snap through both pieces of paper. Turn it over and place it on your cutting mat. Hammer away using your setting tool, and TA-DAA! Invite! You did it! *high five*

I had never used snaps before, and I think I'm addicted to them now! They're so neat & come in a HUGE variety of colors too. I scored mine locally at Paper Source on NW 23rd Avenue.

I recommend inviting over a few friendly girlfriends when it comes time to put them all together. It was a lot of fun, but a BIT more time intensive then I was anticipating, even with all the help. I also ordered some cute stickers online with the same design and colors to seal the envelopes. I hope they're as fun for my guests to open as they were to make!


Dj said...

these are too cool do you have a template?

lynn hd said...

what program did you use to make these on your computer?