Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shirlee & Estevan

I met Shirlee through our mutual friend Audra, whom I've known for what feels like forever. Audra and I went to school together a good decade ago and have somehow managed to keep inviting/showing up to one another's birthday parties ever since, even if we don't see each other much of the rest of the year. May be bizarre, but it works for us. Well, the past few years, Shirlee has been in attendance at Audra's birthday parties as well.

So, Shirlee met Estevan and fell in love. This is the kind of couple that walks to the beat of their own drum. Shirlee is the type to break into dance regardless of who's watching. This made them SO much fun to photograph! Some brides are fearful of getting their dresses dirty, Shirlee got hers muddy and it didn't phase her. I just tried to keep up with them!

I love their photos because this is how it really happened. No one asked Shirlee to lay in the grass, she just plopped down! Incredible. :) I wish them nothing but the best.

And, of course, I have to throw one in of Audra! :)

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Estevan said...

HAHAHAHA audra! i love these!