Friday, July 25, 2008


I told Lisa that I don't like to plan to heavily for shoots. That I prefer, instead, to go with the flow and see what we come up with. She was happy with that as she looking to do something quite classic/clean portraits (as opposed to a heavy/complex concept). But, one thing neither of us planned on was rain!

We worked around it without too much trouble and I ended the night with a dry, functioning camera equipment. We took some shots inside too. Not having much furniture left made setting up a backdrop super simple. All in all, I'd call this one another successful shoot. *sigh* I love my job. :)

And, although it's a bit random, I really like this shot. :)

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Jasonmrazfanluv said...

your pictures are beautiful!!! Great job! Kepp up the great work! Cehck out my blog!