Monday, June 30, 2008

Holly & Pheonix

When Holly's horse Phoenix set hoof in Orlando I knew we'd have to shoot! We've been planning this for months. The dress, the horse, the meadow... what we didn't plan on were the hives, half-swollen shut eye, or the sneezing.

I'd been to meet Phoenix during feeding/grooming sessions a handful of times before our shoot date but always accounted my sniffly nose to the recent encounters with Holly's other animal friends (Incredibly: her cat, dog, and horse all match in color). Of course, it wasn't until our big shoot day that I got the full-blown allergic reaction. Ahh well, I pushed through and tried to stay focused! Although I'd envisioned being more relaxed and able to think more clearly as I experimented with new lighting, I'm happy with the results. I'd like to shoot more wildlife in the future, I'll just have to remember the Benadryl next time!

and a little computer editing fun...

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