Monday, April 7, 2008

Patti & Holly

Shooting friends is SO much fun. There isn't any pressure to create a product. There aren't any expectations. I can be a little timid and awkward, so working with people who are already comfortable with me makes the shooting process such a breeze. It's such a creative experience when there isn't anything tangible on the line, like an album cover, or a magazine editorial, or money! Patti and Holly are young, trendy, funky girls. And yet, they have the most frumpy couch. I wanted to do a portrait of them inspired by their fabulous couch. Here they are. I call this series "Sunday's Best" (on a monday) ;)


Anonymous said...

I love these...they are really cute and interesting. The sky is gorgeous too. I really like the one at the pool? it looks like there is a pool.
You are soo good!! Keep it up, and I'll keep finding friends to get married so you can shoot them!
Take care!!


matthew said...

How delightfully pompous.