Friday, June 3, 2011

The Shoes Have Arrived. It's OH-SO-REAL.

I want to share with you a moment I had this evening. It happened shortly after a sharp knock at the front door.

I swung it in open in time to catch a wave and "Have a good night!" from the UPS guy already turning the corner at the end of the hall.
"You too!" I replied in return, as I set my gaze to the floor.

The box at my feet was for, none other then, my feet. My wedding shoes had arrived!

Anxiously, I tore into the little cardboard treasure chest and pulled out the little beauties as I decided I should also pull on my dress to get the full effect.

So, there I was. 15 minutes till Matt was expected home from work, standing in the mirror with my dress and shoes on. For whatever reason, it suddenly felt OH-SO-REAL and OH-SO-PERFECT. (Well, besides the fact that the dress doesn't actually FIT just yet) I jumped, I yelped, I laughed, I danced.

I slipped into the little cardigan I'd bought (in case it cools down too much in the evening for my strapless number), and the perma-smile on my face could not have stretched further. This was it. This is what I'm going to wear in 78 days to commit myself, fully & whole-heartedly, to the man I love more then I'd ever imagined possible to love.

I can't flipping wait.

Matt snapped these photos last night, the dress is a secret, but I need to break in the shoes


Wendy "mil to be" said...

I love that feeling when you just know it is perfect! Thanks for sharing your joy, it's contagious!

Mamabear said...

That is so exciting, I felt I was reading a novel and wanted the story to keep going.

The shoes are beautiful, it's wonderful when the whole picture comes together. Have a lovely evening, I love you.

Desiree Dawn Events said...

I cannot wait to see all these posts combined into a story :) you are so talented my love!!!