Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*bling bling* The RING!

Matt and I had dated more then 5 years before the momentous night he plopped down on one knee, so the concept of marriage may been previously mentioned before... Ok, a FEW times! So, I suppose it was no secret that I had thought about the ring I would be expected to wear each and every day for the rest of my life.

I sent photos of my favorite rings to my favorite neighbor, hoping Matt would turn to her in his time of need. But, what he ended up doing was even BETTER!

He proposed with THIS:

A ridiculously rad placeholder ring from my friend Andrea's adorable & affordable local accessories store Little Things! (18th and NW Lovejoy!)

He had narrowed it down to 3 "real ring" choices. My friends all had different opinions and he didn't feel quite right about any of them. In the end, he figured who would know better then ME, and gave me a budget to help him find my ring. I'm so happy he did.

After a lot of research, browsing online and in shops with his mom and finally with Matt, we found our winner via a close friend in Orlando at Jewelry Plus. Jeweler Shawn knew I was on the hunt for an antique ring, and he understood my style. The second ring he e-mailed me was the winner, and I'll never forget the moment Matt and I opened the package. We both said in unison "it's... beautiful." I was awe-struck and in love. I knew at once, THIS was MY ring.

It's simple from afar, but the intricate details in the setting and delicate engravings down the sides are so gorgeous up close, like it's sharing a secret you can only hear if you're near. It's originally from the 1940's, and I can't help but wonder about where it's been and who enjoyed this ring before it found it's way to me. I look forward to taking it on many more journeys for the years to come!

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Desiree Dawn Events said...

my grandmother's ring is like this; I couldnt have said it better myself. From far away it looks like a plain band with a pearl on it. But up close its very detailed with engravings and an awesome pronged setting and Im pretty sure there are tiny diamonds or somethings on either side. But its my grandmothers and it was on her hand until the day she passed away; Thanksgiving Day 2 years ago. She has been with me ever since, including my wedding day. And Sam, you captured some of my favorite photos of my rings; the one from Eric and my grandmother's. :) Its history is rich, 5 kids, 90 or so years, 3 houses in 3 states, countless touches and hand holdings and claps. I love having her with me!!!!