Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

When I moved to drizzly Portland, OR from sunny Florida, I knew the weather patterns would be an adjustment. And so far, it hadn't really bothered me, until.... well, now. It's May and it's been raining for as many days back as I can remember. So, I've decided today I need to find the sunshine from within and focus on the things that are full of light and joy. Here are 10 things, on this rainy dreary day, that DO make me happy! :)

1.) A painting from a friend.

2.) The sound of Matt's footsteps on our creaky old wooden floors.

3.) Mailing a small unexpected gift to a friend.

4.) Homemade throw pillows.

5.) Smiling faces of loved ones every time I open the fridge.

6.) Juggling Balls that taught me to sew (still working the juggling...)

7.) Noticing the wear on my snowboard bindings, reminding myself that I really DID get to tear up the mountain all spring.

8.) Playing the Piano

9.) Booking more photo shoots and feeling so grateful to do what I love so much for a living.

10.) Seahorses!

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