Monday, March 3, 2008

Ryan & Laura

In a courtroom at the the History Center downtown Ryan and Laura were married Saturday. I had met Ryan while tending a british bar that he plays music in off I-drive. It was nice to take photos for a couple that Matt and I were familiar with and we were super excited for the unique location. We felt confident that day but the world has a funny way of keeping you in check.

I pulled up a big, heavy, metal chair to get a high shot of the bridesmaids and the mom putting on Laura's veil. I hopped down and was putting the chair back when I managed to whack it against my shin. Wow, that hurt. I had to sit down in the chair to recover for a moment but played it cool, I don't think anyone noticed my slip. Matt's however was a little more public. While taking photos in a stairwell his camera bag swung into a door that was set to alarm if opened. *oops*

Life is filled with little reminders of how human we are; sometimes those reminders are sharply painful or alarmingly load. All in all, it was a great wedding and we became better photographers for it. I feel ready for the next one! :)

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